Is this price fair for tie rods and axel repair? on 2000 Audi A4 Quattro

Can anyone please tell me if $1100 sounds fair for replacement of tie-rods and front left axel on an Audi A4 (year 2000)? Took 'er in for winterization and looksee today. Different repair show than I typically use. Moving to New England next month and want car to be up to the task. I was surprised to hear the tie rod ends were loose and falling apart and axel on front left side was bad. Does this quote seem fair (it includes alignment)? thanks!

1 answer
When I have done front axles on an A4, it was about $350-400 parts and labor. Each complete tie rod assembly lists for $160 and takes about 45 minutes to do, so figure $150 labor plus $320 parts so lets see that is $870 plus about $75 for a 4-wheel thrust angle alignment, so it is a little high. Why not have your old shop look at it. By the way what exactly is wrong with the axle, it is is just a torn CV boot on the axle, they can replace that for about $150 or less, if the joint is not damaged, by the way. I have seen a lot of tie-rods go on the Audi.