2004 Chrysler Pacifica Q&A

2004 Chrysler Pacifica Question: Is this normal or, an indication of a faulty transmission Neutral Safety Switch?

My Pacifica won't crank, not even a click. New battery, ground and starter connections checked and OK. When I turn on the ignition the "in dash" transmission gear indicator letters (P R N D 8autostick) are all lit and "circled", (a square around each). When I shift the shifter through the gears, no gear is indicated, the letter is not "circled", (a square around it). My brother and I got it to start, and when I replaced the front motor mount and all snugged up about a week later it would not crank or click the same as before. I didn't take notice of the gear indicator when we got it to start, (Oh, dopey me!) but I don't think all of them lit up, "circled" is normal. -
Answer 1
You should only have one gear indicated, that being Park, when you crank your Pacifica. More than one is a definitely a problem. Yes, the gear selector/neutral safety switch is a place to look, but it can also be worn shift cable or other things, like poor electrical connections etc. Sagging, worn out motor mounts can most definitely cause this type of issue. How are the other mounts? -
Answer 2
My 2007 Pacifica touring has 75k miles, and recently sometimes when i start the engine, nothing happens. Today, when it did not start, i set the key on ON position, pressed Brake pedal and shifted gear to Neutral and then turned the key, and car started right away. I had changed the battery 3 months ago from autozone, and asked them to check, and they told battery as well as starter is good. -