2007 Honda Civic Q&A

2007 Honda Civic Question: is this normal for only 53,000 miles to have worn engine mounts?

examined by Honda dealer in Reynoldsburg Ohio one year ago for same noise and found no reason for rattling/grinding sound...and now 1 year later mounts are worn...hefty repair bill...never had this problem in any other car, especially Hondas!! -
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Get a second opinion -
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we trusted our Honda dealer...had it fixed and now runs quiet as a cloud! no rattling/shaking or noise at all. -
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I would get a second opinion as recommended. Unfortunately , from what I've seen , the mount on the fender is the most common that I've seen on that model , and as you've said , I also think the milage is to low. How long they last can sometimes be dependant on how it's driven , but in this case I'd be more inclined to say design flaw(or quality control-your choice). -
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thanks...but too late, it was already repaired and running very queitly..dealer said he'd changed others but no recall applied...should have been. Only driven in town and on a few trips. -