is this engine interferance or non interferance? on 1998 Ford Escort

mehcanic says my timing belt slipped (it's definately not broken/snapped)on my 1998 escort zx2 dohc engine, causing many of my valves to get bent. i'm looking at big bucks to fix. i thought this was a non interferance engine thus making it very unlikely/impossible for the valves to get bent if a situation like mine occurs. any tips are appreciated. thanks

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the single overhead is non. you have a dual overhead and yes, it is an inerference motor.

thanks for your response. i thought i saw just the opposite on the GATES timing belt website. so what he is telling me is more than likely true? many bent valves and big bucks.
can't i just get a rebuilt head and have it installed cheaper than the $1500 he is quoting me?
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you should be able to swap out a head for less than 800.00 bucks.Get some more estimates.
I am going thru the same problem. Non interferance means the pistons will not have any contact with the valves. So our problem most likely will be bent valves due to worn out valve guides. I am buying a rebuilt head for $350.00 and is guaranteed for 90 days. I believe this will work. By the way, the 98 zx2 DOHC is a non interferance