2000 Chevrolet Venture Q&A

2000 Chevrolet Venture Question: Is this a water pump problem?

My minivan started a rattling noise under the hood on Feb. 13.I haven't driven it but twice since and it is still making the noise. I also smelled something like rubber burning at first, but not the second two times that I drove it. I don't see any leaks under my van. -
Answer 1
sounds like your belt is out of alignment due to a pulley failing , look under the hood with the engine running the belt should be straight . -
Answer 2
also, the belt tensioner is a common failure with these engines. have it checked out soon before it lets you down. Roy -
Answer 3
Check with belt(s) off for any pulley alignment problems and seizing. Tensioner sounds like culprit. -
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