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2009 Honda Pilot Question: Is this a common problem? Is there a recall for this problem?

Change new tire couple months ago. When to Honda of Superstition Springs last week for 45000 miles check-up and change oil but was told that i have a torn and leaking front lower compliance bushing and will cost me 769 to fix it and i don't see any leak on my garage . Is this a reasonable price to pay? Is it safe to drive with this problem? -
Answer 1
call dealer regarding recall have your vin ready -
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Took in my Honda Pilot for a recall on the seatbelt stitching and was notified that the front lower compliance bushings were torn and leaking. They needed to be replaced and since our warranty jus...
just above 30 mph, under gradual acceleration, (D4 only) a 1-2 second deep buzzing sound is heard. Doesn't seem to do it any other time, trans fluid is full. thanks!