is there jumpstart terminals on my car other than the batery if so where are the on 2000 Cadillac DeVille

my batery was doing fine until i started riding my motercycle and my car sat 4 about three months i want to jump it but i dont know how to get to the batery under the back seat.

2 answers
battery is under passenger seat. to jump under the can. looking at front of engine compartment...left side there is a red + terminal cover. attach red + here. From the red + just to the right about 10" and back about 6 inches is a metal tab coming up from the engine. The Tab is 3/4 wide and about 2" high, slightly black or dark grey. This is the negative terminal attached to the engine.
a jump start point in the engine bay under a red cap with a (+) symbol on it, the negative goes to any metal part of the frame or engine (that does not move when the engine is running)