is there any thing wrong with my oil IN MY VAN on 2000 Dodge Caravan

when i turn on the van all the lights on the dashboard light up in go off-- accept for 1 my "oil light symbol" it stays on but as soon as i start the engine up it goes off. I must say when i brought this van i check the dip stick when i got it home it was practically dry so I poured a quart of oil in it , I figure that was cool-- but now I'm not so sure , this is the same thing that happens with my other car too but i had a oil change on that car in the oil light still stays on when i turn the key to the igntion and all the other warning lights go off-- intill i start the engine up then the oil light goes off too just like the van--- whats up with that?

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I would worry if the oil light came on while the engine was running. Otherwise as long as you are reading dipstick right and it shows oil in the hash marks you should be ok.
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the light works on approx 8 lbs of oil pressure, if its off while running you should be ok. worry if it comes on while driving and ck oil weekly
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