Is there a way to trouble shoot the injector to find the cause of misfire on 2004 Ford Thunderbird

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I have replaced spark plugs and replaced coil pack and have also replaced two injectors
one of the injectors is not functoning correctly

one way we found out is by taking the wire and testing other injectors to see the current going through

In that particular on there is no activity at all

please help me find a way to trouble shoot unless there is a common solution

ex. buy the connector would that be the problem
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You can easily test for injector pulse with a noid light, parts store will loan/rent one. IF no pulse, you may,now, have a damaged or inop. injector driver circuit(s) from ECM. Scanner can run cylinder contribution test to find weak cylinder(s). Did you replace ALL coils and plugs with quality parts? (Motorcraft)
ford had a bad problem with the coils on this vehicle. service bulletins 05-16-02 and 05-22-08 discuss testing the coils. ford service computer can diag both the coils and the injectors.
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isolate the cylinder misfiring first. with the engine running you can disconnect the connector to the injector to see if your misfire worsen. if it does then the injector is working if it does not then that cylinder has either a bad fuel delivery, ignition or mechanical issue. This is just a quick trial and error to see if your injector is working. How well its working, well that can be done by scope testing or flow testing.
Replace all coils with Motorcraft coils, ( I learned the hard way) What codes are you getting? Ford dealer had my 04 for 3.5 months replaced throttle body, timing gears and chains,complete cat system, and injectors, before realizing it was a cam phaser that was causing misfire! have your variable timing checked before replacing injectors.
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