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2005 Ford Taurus Question: Is there a way to test a fuel pump? Car does not always want to start right away

Problem occurs occasionally. Maybe more often after it sits for a day or two without starting engine. What is the repair cost of replacing a fuel pump? -
Answer 1
put a fuel pressure gauge on it and you should have 51psi. try it several times hot and cold. if you can do it while you drive. you maybe able to rent a good fuel gauge at auto parts store -
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Thanks for your answer. I will need to get a pressure gauge and try it. I had the fuel filter replaced about a year ago or 17000 miles ago. Could that be a problem? I don't hear any unusual noise from the fuel pump either. Spark plugs were replaced about 6 months ago. -
Answer 2
I had this issue with a customers Ford...the fuel pressure was good all the time after start-up...It gradually drops to zero overnight and caused hard starting the next morning. The problem was that the seals on the fuel pump shrank and slowly bled off fuel pressure back to the tank...You will need to persuade the dealership parts department to sell you that seal or else buy the whole housing. -
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i agree with your mech and you might want to change fuel filter anyway -