Is there a way to take off the rev Limiter or governor without chip on 2004 Chevrolet Colorado

KNN air intake and glass packs but the truck was faster before I got the exhaust and just had the intake? Now I got a check engine light P0171

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Hard to fool a computer! Best left stock. No air filter and muffler mods are going to help, only decrease performance, unless done by a pro.
with the right tuner kit and knowledge to install it!! MAF sensor back in the right place? Any sensors altered?
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P0171 Long Term Fuel Trim is out or range. Likely if this was caused by one of the changes you made if it was not happening before. System may be drawing in un-metered fresh air through the cam cover, air intake snorkel, air cleaner resonator, PCV dirty air hose rubber connector, or PCV fresh air hose. Inspect all of these paticarly the air intake area for possible air leaks.