Is there a way to move the power seat to get to the battery without power on 2009 Chevrolet Traverse

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Car completely dead can't charge with charger need to get to battery but can't move power seat to access battery? Is there a manual way to move seat? Was going to replace battery before assuming it was alternator or charging system
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Put charger to the bat + stud & grnd in engine compartment, if that doesn't help, remove bolts at seat mount, & move the seat.
Thanks I guess I will have to remove the bolts to the seat as a charger didn't work

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Sorry that happened. Have done it both ways, Stupid way engineers designed that spot. Can't remember which bolt heads mount the seat. Some were an inverted Torx, but not much room for the ratchet and socket. Had purchased the newer style of ratchet from Sears, don't remember the name of that style, but the one that has an opening so a bolt can go through it. It was a lower profile and had plenty of room to remove them. If you look in the I/p fuse box on the right end of dash, find the 25amp circuit breaker for the right seat. You can try to power that circuit, or at the seat switch, power the red/wht wire at the switch.
Got lucky the plastic covering the front of the seat track for the rear passenger seat pops off and I was able to remove the cover
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