Is there a way to check the timing belt on a 94 tercel without removing the vc on 1994 Toyota Tercel

I was given this car and it was pared for at least a year. The car had been taken care of prior to that. It has 207k and runs smooth! Leaving to drive 2000 miles and do not want to have a problem in the middle of no where.

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repl belt and all compoents under cover and then your good for at least 60k miles. remember repl water pump also
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Why take the chance? Maybe you can contact the previous owner? The answer is no , but if you want you can just take it loose enough to pull out the t-belt cover.
elln, if you don't know the history of the car and i would not believe the previous owner, i would just change that timing belt and have peace while on your 2000 mile journey...otherwise, just worry about it every stop of the way, one of them might be that tercels LAST stop.
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