is there a way to adjust the drivers side camber on this car on 1990 Toyota Camry

i just finished repairing the front end of the car after an accident and took the car in for an alighnment and was told that they couldn't do it. i already replaced all the bad parts with new ones

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take to alignment shop and have them ck it out. if u hit frame it may be bent
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I don't recall how the suspension is setup on the Toyota, but it is probably not adjustable. You could have structural damage, and/or a bent part that isn't obvious. For example, a very slight bend in the strut tower, spindle or strut will cause a camber problem and is very difficult to identify. On some cars the engine sub-frame can shift and cause a camber problem.

Not knowing how far off it is and what the other angles are, and because there are many possibilities you will need to find the right shop - one that can properly identify the cause using a combination of alignment angles and structural measuring. Very few alignment shops have the ability to deal with damage that is not visible unless they can compensate by adjustment, and very few cars have caster/camber adjustments anymore.

A body shop or an alignment tech that knows how to use alignment diagnostic angles like included angle and setback, and has the equipment to measure the structure will be able to find and correct the problem.

Hope this helps, good luck!

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