Is there a vibration problem coming from the middle? on 2004 Toyota Tundra

My front brakes were replaced 1 year ago, but it's been a while for my rear drum brakes. I feel a vibration or rumble when breaking at high speeds and a wobble at low speeds. Of course I considered the drums in the rear first but the wobble has me wondering if it's not the u joints or something else in the drive shaft. Again it happens when braking only.

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does your steering wheel shutter back and forth when braking. that would be frt brakes. if trk surges frt to rear under braking that most likely would be rear brake issue
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If the rear drums are 'out of round' they may also cause a pulsation in the brake pedal.If you apply the parking brake (not advisable in traffic or if you're not sure how to keep it from not releasing) and feel the vibration or rumble , that may help rule out anything in the front as a problem.
If you are only feeling it when braking, then it is brake related. If you are feeling the vibration in the steering wheel, it is coming from the front brake rotors. Have a complete brake inspection done.
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