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1994 Mercury Cougar Question: Is there a spark plug cover on this model that needs to be removed 1st?

I can't get my socket down to grip the plugs, since I read something about a stupid cover for a '95 & a '99 merc cougar, I'm wondering if I have to deal with this - just to change spark plugs. -
Answer 1
Which engine do you have -
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V8 4.6L Thanks -
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5/8 plug socket and extension is all I use. you might use a screw driver if there is debris in the tube to clean or if you have an air compressor to blow out the tubes. -
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Thanks professor. Back to it.................... -
Answer 2
most likely not on that early of a car. could be plug wire broken on end of plug -
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Thanks for a decent answer. But nope, no broken plug wire on plug. I've tried 3 different plugs and no success. I agree, there is probably not a spark plug cover and the local parts store guys (2 stores) agree. -
Answer 3
Cant reach any of the plugs?? Maybe your plug socket needs upgrading! Deeeeeeep well plug socket!! Look in the plug boot on the wire to see if the metal connector is still in it, if not it is still on the plug like greg says! It will have to be removed to get to the plug but should not be like that on ALL of them. I reckon surely all of them didn't pull off the wire and are still stuck on the plugs.??. Crawl up on top of the engine and LOOK down in there with a light to see WTH is going on! Got to be the 4.6 V/8 engine or else you could see it on the V/6. -
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Duh!, I've done all that! Crawling up on top of the engine to see what I could see. Can only see the top of plugs, not the "nut" section, I need to grip with socket. I need useful practical advice. I'm not an expert, but I do have tons of experience. -
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AT WHAT? (Duh!) -