Is there a re-color dye kit for simulated ragtops? on 2000 Cadillac Seville SLS

My Seville SLS is a beauty. However, the simulated ragtop (which is beige) has "print-thru" of the glue spreading all over the top. It is darker than the original factory beige color--making blemishes that embarrass the vehicle and me. At first I thought is was mold, but even if it is, it is coming from UNDERNEATH the fabric.

Is ther a re-color kit I can use to cover this...the rag itself is completely intact and not torn, so I'd hate to have to replace it altogether if there is another remedy. Searched the entire web with various keywords and can't find a solution. If you can, PLEASE HELP!!!

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Search youtube. Also try If it dont work out can always replace it.
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could be moisture has gotten under it, if so it would probably be best to replace it. Don't you would be happy with a dye if it doesn't color it to satisfy you. Check with an upholstery dealer.
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