Is there a problem with my steering if it knocks or sometimes just jerks when on 2013 Ford Mustang GT

In the morning when I first start the car and turn the steering wheel as I back up, it jerks and makes a popping noise. It does not do it anymore after the one time, but it does it every time I start the car in the morning. It will jerk without moving the car when I turn the wheel slightly. It was so loud a couple of times, I thought I hit something. It sounded like a hammer on metal. I have tried to make it happen after the innitial start but it does not do it. Even after the car sits for a while there is no problem. Only in the morning after it sits all night. I checked the front end and then took it to the dealership twice and they could not find anything.

Have you left it with the dealer so it can be checked after sitting overnight?
Yes, 3 days now. My wife finally went there this morning and when she started the car and turned the wheel it was fine. Go figure. We are leaving it one more day to check again tomorrow. I just don't want to let it go because it has done it every time. Not bad every time but something is wrong.
That is usually how it goes! Hope they figure it out before warranty ends! Time wise you have some left but the mileage may outrun the time!
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That symptom is usually a sign of the steering gear or rack-n-pinion problem.