Is there a need to replace a front strut mount on a 02 Dodge Stratus sedan? on 2002 Dodge Stratus

A week ago, a mechanic I know told me I needed to replace my struts and strut mount . I've found the struts for my car but not the strut mount itself. None of the chain auto parts stores and stores online carry the strut mounts What did come up was a strut mounting kit with a like a cone shaped rubber/plastic piece and looks like two washers about 2 to 4 inches across. Also, a strut mount did come up but it was for the Stratus coupe. Yesterday, I found an auto parts website that had something called a shock bracket (Looks way different from the strut mount for the coupe) and there was an diagram with the bracket along with the strut, etc. The price of the strut mount was $211.00 each. My opinion (I'm not an mechanic), the bracket shown in the diagram looks study and can last a lifetime, something you don't replace unless you get into an accident. Has anyone replaced struts along with the strut mounting kit, without replacing the shock bracket? Personally, I don't want to pay over $400.00. unless I have to.

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My first question is; Are you going to do the replacement yourself.
No. This repair is out of my league. A mechanic I know is going to do this repair for me.
I have replaced the strut mounts only if they are bad, unless the customer request it to be changed. If anything else that's bad needs to be taken care of at the same time, if it's not broke don't fix it. The direction you're going in, you'll be replacing the hub bearings, and all. Take care of the struts!
Would you take a look at this diagram? Part number 12 is the "shock bracket." Sorry I couldn't bring up the actual picture of the bracket. Would a part like this would need replacing? It looks sturdier than a strut mount on a Stratus coupe.
That's the bracket is what the strut mounts to. It's not the bushing. According to the illustration #4 & #7 would be the pivot or bushing.
I'll talk to the mechanic about it. Thanks for answering my post
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