Is there a kill switch to protect engine damage from overheating? on 2000 Ford Taurus

I was driving down the freeway and steam was coming under the hood. It had overheated and then just shut itself off. It would not restart. Is there a kill switch to protect engine damage. If so where is it located so I can reset it. I just had my 16th knee operation and I need my car. Thank you
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Just the ignition switch, just shut off the engine ASAP. If the engine shuts itself off, that may be from a sensor reading so far out, like a cylinder head temp sensor, that it can shut off the engine when it gets too hot. I would have a shop look at this, you may have severely overheated your engine and it may be too damaged to run.

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i am a mobile mechanic and have been a mechanic all my life since i was 12 years old and i am now 48 and i have worked on many cars with this problem usually when a vehicle gets too hot and shuts down by itself it is so hot that it melts parts and blows cylinder head gaskets and also warps valves and damages pison rings thus resulting in inability to restart it after it cools down again if your engine sounds like it is turning over far too easy and sounds different than usual when trying to start it you have done severe damage to the engine and need to rebuild at the very least the top end of the engine meaning the heads and valve train assemblies