1996 Cadillac Seville SLS Q&A

1996 Cadillac Seville SLS Question: Is there a fuel pump door in trunk?

In a 1996 SLS is there a fuel pump door in the trunk? -
Answer 1
No, there isn't. But it would be great if there was! -
Answer 2
Yes! The fuel door manual release is located inside the trunk just inside the fuel door wall. It may even be velcro'd to the carpeted wall -
Comment 1
the fuel door manual release is not a fuel pump access door. I believe, but am not positive. the access door didn't show up until 1998. i got a 1997 and it does not have an access door. (it does have the manual fuel door release which is about as helpful as answer #2 in your case.) if 97 is a no, then i'll bet 96 is a no go as well -
Comment 2
The question is not for manual release of the fuel tank door but for fuel pump door! No a 96 does not have this feature. -
Answer 3
yes ..on mine 1996 its located on the left side wall of the inside of trunk.should be a cable comming out of the carpet that u pull on to release the gas door.. ur cable could have fallen behind the carpet mine was and i had to spay w-d on the release spring to get it to work. -