is there a freeze plug behind the timming chain cover on 1992 Pontiac Firebird

i have anit freeze going into my oil. i figured head gaskets replaced them and had the heads flux and plained they were fine put it all back together and it is still doing it. i was wondering if there is a freeze plug behind the timming chain cover that could be the problem. im putting a new motor in it but im hoping to salvage the old one thanks

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Must have a cracked block because it sounds like you went through the cylinder heads completely and if oil is still entering the crankcase must be a hairline crack that is leaking
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There aren't any freeze plugs behind the timing cover on the SB Chevy engine. Did you check the head surface to ensure it is flat? If there is any warping from overheating, the gaskests will not compress correctly and a leak will develop and it doesn't take much warping... A cracked intake manifold too can allow a coolant leak into the lifter valley. Or as another poster says, it may be a cracked block.

BTW: Running an engine with anti-freeze in the oil can cause severe bearing damage in a very short period of time. Don't run it like this.