Is there a difference in lines labeled abc vs abg going to R front turn signal on 2003 Buick LeSabre

was a slow progess of wearing out bulbs then socket and now pigtail connection assembly from un noticed damage in a fender bender, it is my wife's car.

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you prabably had a short in it,do the signals work ok now?
I haven't connected the lines due to different labeling, with the socket seated on the original the lines read L-R c b a, on the only one I could find which the auto parts store said would work read L-R a b g.There is a different letter and sequence and would like to know how to connect them or give up and wait a week for the dealer to send me the complete assembly with over 4X the cost of a 3 prong pigtail that fits the socket.Please advise
I would just wire in the new pigtail