Is there a class action suit against Toyota regarding the cracking of the dash? on 2005 Toyota 4Runner

My 2005 4 Runner has a serious crack in the dash that starts by the air conditioning vent on the drivers side and is creeping across to the passengers side air vent. It seemed to happen over night. I have 82,000 mile it. It is always under cover and I use a sun screen faithfully. I have contacted Customer Service 1-800-331-4331. Good luck with that one! I was told it was no longer under warranty and it was considered an enviromental problem and they were not responsible. I asked how they could make that determination with out even examining it. I was told this was Toyota's decision on this problem. I have requested to meet with a Toyota Rep. at my local dealership. But from all the previous complaints at this site, I am not feeling to positive as to the out come on that. I do see some posts that Toyota has recognized that these dashes are faulty and have been replaced by Toyota. How can they replace some and not the rest? So where do we as the consumer go from here? This is actually my third Toyota and I can tell you it will be my last. I feel we should make this problem known to all owners and potential owners. Let's get this viral! I will be posting on Face Book and any where else possible. The last thing I ever thought would fall apart on this 4 Runner was the dash! Why should we have to pay for poor engineering and sub quality materials?

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I am with you my friend. we have the same issue with our 2005 4 runner. if you find out anything please broadcast it.
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