Is the transfluid long life or does it need to be serviced before 100,000 miles? on 2007 Mercury Mariner

is the coolant 100,000 mile long life?

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I see it listed a Mercron 5 fluid which I am told is synthetic. I would still chance it at 30k or at least 60k if you plan on keeping the vehicle long term. Coolant is Motorcraft Premium gold which is long life type.
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If you want to keep this vehicle for any length of time the service the trans every 30,000 miles. Let's face it a $150 spent every two years is money well spent.
THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS LIETIME COOLANT!!! Spend the $100 or less to have the cooling system serviced. Forget about the extended life coolant. Have it serviced once a year.
Any fluids that are in your car need to be changed.
Brake fluild, Power steering fluid and even the refigerant in the A/C system.