Is the timing chain tensioner on this vehicle internally lubercated? on 2007 Chevrolet Malibu

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I am trying to find some documentation on how this part is lubercated. My extended warranty company states that it is not internally lubercated and the shop that has my car states that it is. I am just looking for some clarification on this, any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Thank you. Do you have any type of documentation or can you direct me to a web site where I can get this documented in writing. My warranty company is stating that it is not internally lubricated. I have the car at a Chevrolet dealer and the warranty company is not taking their word for it and are stating that the dealer is wrong. Also, just so it gets out there I would NOT recommend that anyone buy an extended warranty from American Auto Shield I have had nothing but problems with them since I purchased it!!
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Well, this is not the best source but There is no way to externally lubricate that tensioner.
Sorry to hear about your problems with the (no) warranty company. I generally do not recommend them to my customers, but there are a couple of good ones.
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