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2004 Ford Escape Question: Is the starter bad?

The engine won't crank at all unless I have the battery charger hooked up. Once the charger is hooked up the engine will crank for a few seconds then click and then stop. I'm not sure if this is the starter or not. The temperature today was around 0 so I'm not sure if the cold will be affecting this or not. The vehicle has been parked with various problems for about a month. It started with the vehicle being ran out of gas and the fuel pump going out. It hasn't moved under it's own power since then. -
Answer 1
Sounds like the battery is bad, do you have a tester, take it to the parts dealer and have it tested. -
Comment 1
When I first checked it the voltage was 4.5. After I had the charger on it for a half hour the voltage was 12.5 V. I was going to go back tomorrow and see if it goes down. -
Comment 2
It could have a surface charge, but not enough cranking amps to turn the starter, takes more in colder weather. I guess you don't have a battery load tester, it would give you more information. The voltage is there but not enough amps the starter needs. -
Answer 2
also make sure you have a good connection at battery terminals,especially if you have aftermarket terminals. -
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