Is the rear wheel cylinder and the drum the same thing? on 1994 Ford Thunderbird

The two seem to be used interchangably? Or am I misreading the terms?

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the drum works as a friction plate to stop you and the wheel cyl is what extends the brake shoes
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Because of your lack of experience you need to spend $26.95 to get all the factory info on your car for a whole year. Wetry is correct, you are dealing with a life and death repair.
To replace the wheel cylinders is not hard with the proper info.
HA!HA! I have no intention of working on my car... I'm not a mechanic. I just wanted to understand the terminology:-) Right now, there is a small leak on the right rear break. Being a woman, I need to know what is necessary to repair the problem, so I don't get over charged. I appreciate RepairPal info,as your input helps me understand better. My bigger concern is the EGR valve causing the engine to surge while at a stop, or when backing up.
no sir, they are both part of your rear brakes but different parts. the wheel cylinder pushes the brake shoes to your brake drum.
Thank You!
Really? Are YOU going to work on your brakes???
no, the wheel cylinder has two pistons that push your brake shoes against the drums
Thank You!
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