2001 Volkswagen Passat Q&A

2001 Volkswagen Passat Question: Is the radiator fan electric?

I am going to repair the fan on the passat 2.8 V6 myself. I just want to confirm that the radiator fan is electric (it looks like it is)? Any particular things I should know or is it straight forward? -
Answer 1
By repair do you mean replace it and why? If not working then why is it not? Frozen motor or related sensors and relays? -
Comment 1
A few of the blades have broken off. Ok, never mind the initial question; it is belt driven. How hard is it to change it over to an electric fan. -
Answer 2
Electric I believe there is one or two bolts on the top and slide into a slot at the bottom. Make sure test the fan before replacing not to cheap. -