1994 Lexus ES300 Q&A

1994 Lexus ES300 Question: is the Oil Pump located in the oil pan or driven directly by the crankshaft.

How much will I expect to pay for labor and what else could make the oil warning light come on every time I drive the vehicle; it will come on for a few minutes then go off repeatedly only while driving not while sitting in idling mode. -
Answer 1
seek a manual oil pressure test, it could be just a sending unit issue -
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Thanks, what are the symptoms of a fail or bad oil pump. What will the car start to perform like or what will be the functioning issues of the vehicle. -
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if it slow oil pressure you could cause major eng damage so do not grive if suspect there is an issue -
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I have a 1994 Lexus ES300. There is also a slight knock in the engine, along with a tapping sound. I need to know where is the oil pump located on this vehicle? Can it be located through the oil pan or located in the crankshaft. -