1998 Chevrolet Metro Q&A

1998 Chevrolet Metro Question: Is the main pulley bolt right or left hand thread

trying to replace watter pump on a geo metro 94, and I can not break the main pulley bolt loose. Need to know if it is a right or left hand thread -
Answer 1
You probably need to rent a harmonic balancer to remove the pulley. When you return the balancer you will get a refund. -
Answer 2
On a Toyota, you can put a socket wrench on the bolt head and crank the starter momentarily. Make sure nothing is loose or in the way. Put the socket wrench handle against the frame or other rigid object. -
Answer 3
It will take an impact wrench to remove this bolt. It is a right hand thread. A balancer puller won't help remove this bolt though. Steve -
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