Is the latch for the gas tank elec. or mech. from the passenger compartment. on 2007 Honda Civic

The gas tank cover will not open from inside the car.

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It's a cable that works both the fuel door(push) and trunk release (pull). The cable splits from single to double in the trunk. The cable may be bad or the release handle may be locked or out of adjustment. Have you tried pushing the release while someone else tries to pull the fuel door open?
Thanks, very helpful I have repaired the cable.
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If you need to put gas in the tank, i 'think' there is another release in the trunk.
Thanks, I got it open but could not find a release in the trunk.
It was a guess, my Corolla has one.
Do you have a push button, or lever to open it with. Push button is electric, lever is usually the other.
Thanks, I have repaired it
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