Is the knock sensor required on a 2.0 spi engine? I cant find the connector
on 1997 Ford Escort

Car ran good and stopped. Starter was bad. Changed it and it started knocking while running. I noticed there is a knock sensor on the side above the starter but cant find the plug to reconnect it. Is this the cause of my motor knocking all of a sudden?

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Does it knock 'sitting still' with engine running?
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Looks like the knock sensor is not used in 97 but is in 98 according to the Mitchell1 wiring diagrams. I just had a 97 with a knock sensor installed on the back of the block, but no wiring harness connector to go to it. Perhaps they installed some 98 spec. engines in some 97 models & just left the knock sensor disconnected. Your knocking noise is likely a mechanical issue, not related to the knock sensor.