Is the ground on the positive side of the battery ? on 2009 Kia Rondo

I need to recharge the battery with a battery charger. How can I tell where's the ground? I think it's on the positive side because there seems to be two cables connecting to that side. Am I guessing right ?

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WHY do you need to charge the battery? What is the problem? BE SAFE let someone with experience hook up charger IF needed! As pushrod said , damage to other electrical systems can occur (in less time than it takes to say oh s___!), and cost lots more $$$$. Good luck.
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The positive side should have a + sign!!! Cable is red in color!!! Take a look on youtube for a video before you do any more work! If no help there call your car savvy buddy to come over and help you out. It aint rocket science but you can do some damage if not done right!