is the ac cluch a defective origional part? on 2007 Kia Rondo

ac out twice. recommend New kit or can replace with same part again it will may go out in 15000 or 20000 the ac cluch a defective origional part? was it a recall

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Make sure that you system is properly serviced, if the refrigerant gets old, like more than 3 years, it can break down and form some water, then this water will ice up and then the compressor has to work 10 times as hard and eventually the clutch will burn up, so make SURE that you replace the receiver-drier and completely evacuate the system before you add new R134 refrigerant. I have seen this scenario on many many cars, especially on cars in hot and humid climates
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I don't see any recalls or TSB's. I can't get much information from your question. All I can say is get the car to a Kia or Mitsubishi specialist and find out what's causing your problems.
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