2009 Kia Sportage Q&A

2009 Kia Sportage Question: Is the 30,000 mile transmission service recommended or required for warranty?

Curious to know if the 30,000 mile transmission flush is a recommended service or a required service to keep the warranty valid? From everything I am seeing it a recommended service but also people have had issues getting warranty work done for transmission issues that should be under warranty but because there was no service done @ 30,000 the warranty did not cover the issues so I am curious to know -
Answer 1
It is a recommended service. If it goes out of warranty then you experience a problem and can show a service manager or dealer representative that you take care of the vehicle they will be more pron to helping you with the vehicle repair. I have seen this happen more then what I even expected when working at the dealer. -
Answer 2
i rec service every 25 to 30k in case a problem occurs so as not to void warranty -