Is my transmission toast? on 1991 Ford Explorer

My 91 ford explorer (auto trans) just quite moving. It free wheels, it made no noise just acted as if it jumped to neutral one day. Park works but everything else is neutral. Also the 4 wheel drive will not ingauge. Any thoughts?

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Wow. I have driven chevy blazers for my job that includes alot of using 4wd auto tran. They have all lost the ability to engage 4wd because of the transfer cases going out for what ever reasons. Never had the neutral jump though unless like one I drove just decided to dump tranny oil all over my bosses driveway.I would like to be more help but sounds like you need a qualified 4WD MECHANIC and I say 4WD LOUDLY because most mechanics in my business with them are not truly that great at 4WD problems and fixes. Be patient and shrewd and good luck.