2001 BMW 740iL Q&A

2001 BMW 740iL Question: is my transmission failling?

last week my car went into transmission failsafe mode ones,and today it happend again,while driving i felt that my car going like running out of gas,at the same time my radio turned it self off.is it related and what is the problem?i have 84,000 mls ,i know that i need trans.service,but this is something that i saw for the first time,and i had many German cars -
Answer 1
The radio switching off and the transmission issue sound like an electrical problem but if your car has higher mileage I would change the transmission oil/ service the transmission any way if it has not been done recently. -
Answer 2
Could be an ignition switch. Very common problem. -
Answer 3
I just had the same happen to me ('01 740iL) however, that error code was a result of needing a new alternator and battery. The code was: Trans fail/safe prog -- again, as a result of a bad battery (because the alternator wasn't working to charge the battery) you can get 'wierd' error codes. FYI -
Answer 4
Replace your alternator and tranny oil. and guarentee you'll see a difference -