2000 Saturn SL1 Q&A

2000 Saturn SL1 Question: Is my Saturn supposed to run, shift, even drive without the key in the ignition?

The car runs without the key in the ignition. I discovered that by accident when I was in a hurry one day. I didn't realize it would drive like that, until I drove somewhere one day, and when I went to shut the car off and take the key out, the key was already out. I had put it in the console and forgot to put it in the ignition when I started driving. -
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Thanks. Guess I'll contact a Saturn Dealer. -
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Some GM dealers can do it. -
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I forgot..there aren't any Saturn dealers anymore. Thanks! -
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I do the Saturn work here in the town I live in. The dealer sends them to us. Just check with your GM dealer. Good Luck -
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That could be a serious problem , if you have children! -
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Thanks to you, also. I'm not sure where a dealer is, but I'll find one. -