Is my engine hesitating? on 2007 Honda Accord

It seems to revv strong enough but no resultant drive power unless you kick-down. Doing this only makes me drive hard and of course, burn more fuel to do very little work.

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How many miles and what kind of maintenance has been done? Is the check engine light on? On cold start-up do you get a brief rattling noise from engine 1-3 seconds?
Presently about 69K miles, no serious mantenance work done other than basic oil, oil filter, air filter changes. Also at some point, we serviced the injector nozzles too. I never observed any rattling noise at cold start. Just I'm sure that it's not delivering the desired power when I need it!
May want to have the VCT actuator function checked (tests Honda can do) and the VTEC system checked.Both of those systems , if not operating properly , will make the car feel 'athsmatic' when you hit about 3K on the tach. one is variable cam timing , the other is variable valve timing.they may not always set codes .A worn timing chain or faulty tensioner should put the light on though.
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