is my car battery mess up now on 2000 Plymouth Breeze

I haven't driven my car since may 2013 so recently i gave it a jumpstart with my jumpstarter in it started up -- i only drive it for about 15 min then i park it , when i came back the next day in started it up all i just heard was this clicking noise - so i jump started it again drove it for about 20 min came back the next day and it wouldnt start up all i heard was this clicking noise again- i do know if it was the alnerntor i wouldnt even hear the clicking noise at all(in i did get a new starter back then so i know its not that)so is this battery dead???? are does it just need to be fully charged up??? and did the battery die down cos it was sitting for so long???

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Fully recharge the battery and try it. Do you have a charger,, if so what amp? Hum,,,,candy69, lot of posted questions!
yea i have one but my battery is located under the tire in i dont know how to get to it the charger is on my jumpstart box UPC: 823420114191
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