Is it worth repairing my 1998 ES300? I need a transmission,ECM & wiring harness on 1998 Lexus ES300

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My car has 329,000 miles on it and has never given me any real problems. How much will these parts cost me? Is it worth the investment?
(2) Answers
New parts cost transmission / $3626.07, ECM / $1008.92, wiring harness / $867.00, total / $5501.99
Used parts cost about half that if available $2750.00
Labor would cost $2500.00
New parts plus labor $8000.00 plus
Used parts plus labor $5250.00 plus
car value by Kelley Blue Book.. Excellent $4520.00, Very Good $4220.00, Good $4070.00, and Fair $3370.00
As you can see the repair cost more than the car is worth at the excellent price.
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