1998 Lexus ES300 Q&A

1998 Lexus ES300 Question: Is it worth repairing my 1998 ES300? I need a transmission,ECM & wiring harness

My car has 329,000 miles on it and has never given me any real problems. How much will these parts cost me? Is it worth the investment? -
Answer 1
New parts cost transmission / $3626.07, ECM / $1008.92, wiring harness / $867.00, total / $5501.99 Used parts cost about half that if available $2750.00 Labor would cost $2500.00 New parts plus labor $8000.00 plus Used parts plus labor $5250.00 plus car value by Kelley Blue Book.. Excellent $4520.00, Very Good $4220.00, Good $4070.00, and Fair $3370.00 As you can see the repair cost more than the car is worth at the excellent price. -
Answer 2
depends on how much u love your car, i say no -