Is it worth putting $3200+ into my 2005 Ford Escape? on 2005 Ford Escape

I replaced the alternator & now the list is:
Replace hoses $340
Replace tie rods $310
Fix wheels seizing $50
And $1800 for oil leaks
Is this the beginning of many expensive repairs?

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vehicle kind at the age of urgency, huh? should actually expect that at a certain age of vehicle maintenence issues will feel over whelming. let me guess. extended warranties up and you are considering trading in.
every vehicle owner has to make this choice at some point. yes this pile of issues is big and costly, and yes you can expect future issues that will make u ask yourself "what next?! *#*#!!" you will have to way the pros. of being into new wheels as opposed to paying for odd expensive repair. average new car payments $500.00 per month times 12 months. $6000.00 per year. reg. maintenence as well as the odd big repair maybe $4000.00. consider the cost fuel in this equation. $5.00 to $6.00 per gal. times whatever you average per month now vs possibly being into a hybrid. some things to consider. good luck.