Is it unusual to replace rear differential 4 times in 6 years/ on 1998 Toyota Tacoma

Since my Tacoma 2.7 4 cyl 4WD ext cab was sabotaged at a Midas dealership in Shreveport, La. (loosened differential drain while changing out shocks) in 2007, I have had to have three differentials (all used from parts yards). All seem to work fine for a few thousand miles and then develop problems. Now, I have a clunking noise on the passenger side of the rear differential and when on jacks it is timed to the wheel rotation. The passenger side wheel also wobbles noticeably. Is this more than wheel bearings or do I need another differential?

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I would replace the wheel bearings and seals in check the pinion gear and the rain gear for damages and missing teeth. and refill with the proper grade of gear oil.