Is it true that most cars on the road have hydrocarbons present in their radiato on 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix

The used care dealership I am dealing with says most cars on the road today have hydrocarbons present in the radiator.

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When they have a combustion leak into the cooling system, they all have CO present in the radiator! However this is a problem you don't need.
Agree with greg!
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i call B.S. they are giving you a line. typical salesman i sugest you run as fast as you can
Any dealer is out to sell you a car, they are typically not qualified mechanics and therefore probably don't know much about the REAL condition of the car. With any vehicle purchase I suggest you take it to a reputable auto repair shop that will perform a pre-purchase in section. That way you're not out thousands of dollars when you end up with a piece of work car. We have saved many customer from buying a run down car that needed thousands of dollars of work that was not in their purchasing budget. Keep in mind, any used car will probably need some work, so don't spend every penny to buy a used car.