is it possible to get water in the cylinders from the intake on 1997 Honda Accord

I did the head recently and it has been running good but have problems starting now . I pulled the spark plugs and their is water coming out of each cylinder , I did a pressure check and they all seen to be good each is around 185psi and 200psi. I really don't think it is the head gasket but im not sure

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Pull the plugs , set the crank so all the pistons are mid-stroke, then pressurize the cooling system to 15 Lbs. and watch the cylinders.wait at least 15 min. too see if any fluid build-up. Post results . Was the head pressure tested at a machine shop , prior to re-installing it? Was it re-surfaced?
yes the head was resurfaced at a shop . I did the pressure test after I noticed it running funny .I thought it was the head in till I did the psi test and all four cylinders have water in them and it a little strange that all four have water that's why im hopping its the intake but im not sure if that is possible
No. .What PSI test? Cyl. compression or cooling system pressure test? New head bolts? What procedure to torque them?