Is it possible to damage a pitman arm, idler arm or idler arm bracket while four on 2002 Chevrolet Suburban 1500

wheeling or in excess of 150 to 160 miles? Or could replacing a transmission incorrectly have anything to do with a "weak" re-install of those components?
I am sooo trying to figure out what these have done to my truck. They replace the transmission and the darn thing hasn't been right since; except the transmission, its been fine except maybe this engine lag I'm getting? I don't even know what to put on here becuz there just seems so much to be wrong with my truck now since the "fixed" the transmission. It was fine when I took them to it, except fot the transmission of course. Help! please

issues are most likely no related. seek a 2nd opinion and go from there
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The steering linkage does not come off when replacing a transmision. What is the issue your having?
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