Is it possible to coolant leaking from my timing chain cover? on 2003 Ford Taurus

I had the water pump replaced about 6 months ago. A week after I had it replaced, the continued to leak coolant and I took it back to the mechanic. He stated that a hose just needed to be replaced. As of now about a week and a half ago coolant hasn't been staying in my car. I took it to the mechanic and they stated it was my timing chain cover that had gone bad and I needed to replace it. Unfortunately they didn't have the tools to do that type of work. So I took it to another mechanic and he stated that my gasket to my water pump had to be replaced not my timing chain cover. He also stated that I should get the water pump replaced as well. I called the mechanic that replaced my water pump and he says its not that. What exactly is causing the coolant to leak out?

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Sounds like maybe the best bet would be to ask around for references to a good shop you can TRUST and go from there. System can be 'pressure tested' and watch for the source of leak while not running.......maybe whichever mechanic you go with can SHOW you WHY they are recommending their repair.
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Yes it can happen. Change water pump in sons taurus had a leak and loose pulley. Still had leak after change, was under car checking the hose's could not see them leaking grab one and squeezed it coolant sprayed out from behind the timing cover. Needed new gasket big job took it to local shop had them put a oil pan gasket on it since they have to remove so much to change the timing cover gasket.