Is it possible to change the high beam/DRL to a halogen or a similar high output on 1998 Buick LeSabre

I would like to use a brighter lamp for the high beams. I need extra light at night on the dark rural roads I travel on. The problem is the lamps are in series with a resister to run them at a lower voltage. I have not measured the voltage. My guess it is 6 volts. Is there a work arround for this or a bulb that would work ? I installed HID lamps. They work for the high beam only. The DRL feature does not work because of the way they are wired as DRL. I found a fix on the net that disables the DRL . The problem it also disables the auto lock. There was not any info on how to do it as well. Looking at the wireing diagram in Alldata they put a switch on the wire from the drive selector to choose between park and drive. I would like to retain the DRL feature as well as lights that would work either way. My question is there a way to do this? Can I use a powerful lamp like a halogen or maybe a LED?

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high beam are 9005 bulbs, low are 9006 there are many upgraded bulbs available that give brighter lights without having to modify the wiring try asking your local parts store or go online and look for better bulbs.
I wanted to know what would be the best choice for a white bulb. Any bulb that has a filimant will burn at half voltage. Any HID bulb with a tranformer will not work. There are so many to choose from I am overwhelmed . Any guidenece would be appreciated. I purchashed a pair of white halogen bulbs. They work but are not white. I need help to find the right ones.