is it ok to cycle ipr valve with direct 12v. shop air applied and no leaks on 2003 Ford F-250 Super Duty

also no change with voltage applied to ipr valve does this mean system is good, coming up with code 2290 ref. voltages good grounds good and signals are correct and still no start when hot

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I'm really not trying to be a smart ass but this way above your ability. This is above most TECHS let alone a novice.
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if no start hot, monitor icp pressure when hot. usually dummy plugs at front of oil rails under valve cover or snap to connect fitting on high pressure oil pump.
You know what you're talking about. This goes back to what I said, The customer doesn't have this equipment.
saves a lot of headaches to get it to someone who works on these a lot. can be a problem real quick. expensive also. do them every day. also pull ipr valve and inspect screen to see if it has a hole in it. if so, ipr valve bad.
Mrfordman, would you please contact me